November 13, 2017
ambulance back up for car rally

Ambulance Back Up For The Car Rally Organised by JOHNNIE WALKER

Life Savers Ambulance Service provided ambulance back up for the Car Rally organised by JOHNNIE WALKER in Delhi on 12 November 2017.        
November 3, 2017
road ambulance backup for national unity fair

Road Ambulance Back Up Provided By Life Savers Ambulance For National Unity Fair

Life Savers Ambulance Service provided Strong Road Ambulance Back Up for the successful conduction of National Unity Fair-2017- one of the Huge Events held at national […]
October 9, 2017

Life Savers Ambulance Service Providing Medical Backup to the Cyclists

Life Savers Ambulance Service Provided the complete Medical Back-up throughout the event to the Cyclists during the cycling competition held in Delhi.