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We offer the best road ambulance services in Delhi. Our ambulance is not just a vehicle but a mobile hospital. Our team of paramedical professional is always ready to face emergencies. We can provide immediate assistance to the patients who need urgent medical care on their way to the healthcare centres. In order to offer the maximum safety to the patient’s life, road ambulance in Delhi has all the emergency and life-saving equipment.

No matter where the location is, our staff will reach the location in the minimum time. Our road ambulance has a GPRS system to track the location. We provide our services in Delhi and NCR at a just single call. Our drivers are trained experts in road commuting; they securely drive the patient to the destination on crowded street. Our drivers are aware of all the routes in the city, therefore, use shortest or alternate routes to cross the highly populated areas in a smaller duration of time. Under our road ambulance services in Delhi, we guarantee your family member will be shifted to the hospital safely.

A situation of medical urgency can occur anytime. Whether it is an acute health problem like breathless, sudden pain in the chest, bleeding or an emergency like a road accident, our emergency medical technician can tackle these situations. They quickly understand the patient’s current status & take necessary steps to stabilize the health of the patients. If you are suffering from the symptoms such as – constant coughing with blood, difficulty in vision, unconsciousness, cardiac attack etc. you must take an immediate action. Contacting road ambulance in Delhi is the best measure to tackle these emergencies because there isn’t enough time to save the patient’s life.

We provide two types of ambulances; you can select one as per your requirement. First is the basic life support ambulance. It has general equipment like oxygen, stethoscope, equipment to check the blood pressure, etc. This ambulance is best for transfer of patients in nearby areas. The second one is Advanced Life Support Ambulance which is also called Cardiac care ambulance. It contains a defibrillator, ECG, ventilator, etc. Advanced Life Support is required in a condition like severe attacks- asthma & heart stroke, unconsciousness, unstoppable bleeding, etc.

Road ambulance services in Delhi also can also manage the airway travel for the patient in case the doctors suggest them to shift to another city. You are given various facilities in the ambulance such as medical assessment, oxygen administration, cardiac monitoring, blood transmission, etc. The emergency medical technician, nurse, doctors, and other qualified paramedical professional are on the board to help you.

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