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Life Savers Ambulance is one of India's premier providers for Medical Transport and Air Ambulance Services. Bringing together top of the line services of two very important industries of healthcare and aviation, Life Savers Ambulance strives to provide high level and professional lifesaving care to the patients requiring air ambulance services in India.

Life Savers Ambulance was brought together with the main purpose of providing best in class medical transport and emergency evacuation services for the patients. Our professional and fully equipped air ambulance services are available at very economical costs to individual patients and hospitals and healthcare institutions.

We have successfully transferred patients from different parts of the country via air ambulance services to Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Barely and many more cites with complex critical problems. Patients are being escorted by skilled doctors and crew to different parts of the world.

Our aircrafts undergo all the statutory maintenance regularly and are of relatively young age with all the equipment necessary for providing air ambulance services. Our firm dedication has made us one of the leading private air ambulance services in India with close tie-ups to all the leading medical facilities all over the country and abroad to complete successful medical evacuations.


Our facilities are fully equipped and have advanced medical equipment along with the facilities that make it possible to provide the best medical services and care to the patients with sincere commitment and compassion. Our aircraft has been suitably redesigned for evacuation and providing critical care to patients from the remotest of areas to any major medical centres equipped with suitable medical facilities for the patient.

Life Savers Air Ambulance Services India is a protected, experienced, tried and tested therapeutic air service provider and the assortment of restorative air administrations accessible around the World. We can utilize our tremendous experience and second-to-none aptitude to prescribe an administration that meets your needs.

Want to know the best part?

Call the Life Savers Ambulances Services staff to ask about accessibility of carrier administrations. They will audit the passenger's, patient's needs and agenda and prescribe flights, and lodge seating for escort administrations.

Following types of Air Ambulance Services are generally used:-

Charter Air Ambulance Service Charter Air Ambulance Services

Commercial Air Ambulance Service Commercial Air Ambulance Services

Helipad Operation Services Helipad Operation Services

Charter Aircraft

Air Ambulance Services
tickOur broad bed-to-bed social insurance air administration
tickIncorporates floor transport for the person to and from our flying machine
tickNo less than two of our social insurance partners will oblige the patient
tickHelp with finding a getting support when fundamental

Proficient Extender Medical Flight
tickUsed to trade stretcher-bound sufferers in residential expert flight tickets in one of a kind circumstances
tickEvery single required planning and talks with air travel included
tickAn accomplished therapeutic gathering member accompanies the person to his or her last destination
tickHelp with finding a getting administration when essential
Therapeutic Escort

tickAn individual from our medicinal services representatives accompanies an individual traveling on an expert voyage to help with essential cleanliness needs, natural air and medications organization.

tickContains support with voyage reservation, and additionally floor transport, as required

tickHelp with finding a getting administration when essential.

tickOxygen as recommended is given by Life Savers amid ground transportation, all through the air terminals and amid carrier flights.

tickAircraft Medical Escort can be organized First, Business or Coach seating, reliant upon the traveler's inclination, carrier necessities and mind needs.

Commercial Air Craft

Oxygen as recommended is given by Life Savers amid ground transportation, all through the air terminals and amid carrier flights. Wheelchair help is given to and from ground transportation, through airplane terminals and security, to and from the aircraft entryway and if necessary, to and from the lodge setting. Aircraft Medical Escort can be organized First, Business or Coach seating, reliant upon the traveler's inclination, carrier necessities and mind needs.

It gets better:

Everything from Peace of Mind to Passenger Comfort is incorporated into our Quotation for Air Ambulances Medical Services / Escort and Airline Stretcher administration.

tick Aircraft Medical Clearances
tick Aircraft Ticketing
tick Things Handling
tick Going with Family or Friend Assistance
tick Oxygen Services as endorsed
tick Individual Prescriptions
tick Release and Admission affirmation with office
tick Ground Transportation
tick Excellent Communication with Family and Friends, releasing And receiving offices


tickCoordination between International Care Facilities and Physicians
tickTend to encouraging tubes, pee catheters, IV liquids, wounds
tickOxygen accessible for restorative escort's caution and if there should arise an occurrence of crisis
tickUnique dietary administration for in flight dinners amid long International flights
air ambulance services

Helipad Operations

tickCritical reactions to significant mishaps, crises and neo-natal cases are normally given by helicopters. Most are accessible 24 hours a day.
tickStandard calamitous circumstances fuse imperative motor, car accidents wherever ace on-scene remedial thought is crucial, rescues requiring a winch (water, edge and intense region) and people in commonplace parts where, honestly the rate of a helicopter can provoke the individual accomplishing the most supportive office more quickly.

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