Rail Ambulance Services


We provide rail transportation facility to the general population dwelling in the zones with poor medical facilities. Our emergency service is operational all over India and is accessible anytime of the day just at the reach of a phone call. Our specialists are present 24x7 & help in the proper evaluation of the patient and in-turn give them the accurate information of how the patient will be shifted. Our team is in continuous contact with the treating doctor so as to get a regular update about the patients condition till the time our team arrives & is evaluated by our Doctors (INTENSIVISTS) & provided with the best of medical transportation facility till the patient reaches the desired center for its further treatment. Our team is geared up with best in class portable life support system that offers an ICU like support & is more than apt enough to deal with any emergency situation. Also we have a team of Doctors that are always available to deal with any kind of emergency, that also continuously monitors the patients condition every step of the way .

Escorting of patients by means of Rail is a economically sound alternative when time is not an overall concern & the patient is not in a critical condition. Our team is well equipped with all types of emergency drugs as an when required.

In Rail Ambulance Services we provide with

Supplies And Equipment In The Train
Ventilator , Monitor , Infusion Pump , Suction Machine , Defibrillator , Oxygen backup , Portable Incubator (for new born babies), Doctor (ICU Expert) or Pediatrician (for Neonates) & Paramedic (ICU Trained)

Life Savers Ambulance Services Offers an:

tickAffordable alternative to air transportation with best in class transportation facility.
tickBest alternative for transportation for areas where there is no air facility.
tickSafe transportation for LAMA patients as well.

Some of the cases that are perfect to shift via Rail ambulance are those with:

Neurological wounds.
Orthopedic wounds
Minimum life support system

Trustworthy Ambulance Transportation

LifeSavers Ambulance helps you transport medically unfit patients in train with ease and comfort, at an affordable cost!

-How it helps?

->Travel with peace of mind

We provide the best in class ambulance facilities along with certified staff and necessary medical supplies and equipment to ensure a safe journey for your loved ones.

->Affordable alternative to air travel

We understand the financial challenge of air travel, so we offer an affordable alternative for transporting medically unfit patients. Our services provide all the necessary features that you need for the safe transportation of your patient.

->State-of-the-art medical equipment

Your patient’s journey is made even more comfortable and secure with our state-of-the-art medical equipment such as ventilator, monitor, infusion pump, suction machine, defibrillator, oxygen backup and portable incubator. Dr. Pradeep Gupta and his team make sure that every single detail is taken care of during the journey.

->Easy access to medical attention

We provide 24/7 access to medical attention during the train journey – so you can rest assured that your patient will receive the best care at all times.

Life Savers
Rail Ambulance Services

High Standards With Affordable Prices.
We are always ready for you - 24X7

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