Untrained technicians are fooling people by offering ICU ambulance services at low prices

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When your loved one’s life is at stakes, you will always want to make sure you get immediate medical assistance and the best services possible. In most emergency situations, when a patient has to be shifted in a limited period of time between two far-off locations, an air ambulance is the best option. However, seeing a kin is in a critical condition, most of the people panic and do not perform a background check on the services before hiring them. This has led to an increase in the number of unskilled medical evacuation providers, who despite having scarce knowledge of the transportation process for critical patients by air, are fully functional.

Following are the reasons why they can’t aptly fulfill the needs of their patrons -

1. Can Unknowingly Risk Flyer’s Life - In a bid to offer services at a much lower price, such ambulance providers often hire health professionals who aren’t skilled enough to handle medical emergencies. While the patient is on board, the only way to keep his condition stable is by using the best machines, apparatus and assistance of medical professionals.

Healthcare providers who haven’t been actively practicing for a long time, or are looking for side gigs with a primary focus on their own clinic are often hired at lower hourly prices. This gives such providers an upper hand, allowing them to charge an amazingly low price. But when a critical patient’s health deteriorates during the journey, the medical crew doesn’t have the stomach or the skill to handle him/ her and stabilize his/her condition. In some cases this results in fatal consequences!

2. No Financial Backing - Unforeseen circumstances can change the medical needs of patients. For example, on rare occasions, he/ she might require an advanced medical machine which previously wasn’t included in the service. Here, a cheaper service provider will fail because they can’t manage to rent the set of equipment necessary for the transportation, leaving the person nowhere to go. We, on the other hand, have collaborated with a large number of major hospitals and also have our state-of-the-art facility where you will find all the high-tech machines and equipment for BLS and ACLS.

3. Untrained Technicians - While the doctors, nurses and paramedical staff help the flyer in the fight for survival, the technicians are the lifeblood of air ambulance service. They conduct all the managerial responsibilities and ensure that even in the stressful environment everything goes as planned. If there is a complication, they take action and timely deliver the patient to the destination.

A technician should be aware of the aviation and health laws, show empathy to the patient and understand how the medical professionals work for smoother transportation. Lack of experience or the mental and physical strength required to perform the evacuation can lead to delay in the process. This never happens when you have the company of a trained technician like ours.

4. Abuse of Brand Name - To win the trust of the prospective clients many ambulance providers are using the brand name of their reputed competitors. Live Saver Ambulance has repeatedly faced such instances. Some use a slight variation of our original name while others bashfully pretend to be us. On a few occasions, they were successful in gaining clients using our brand image. However, at the end, when the imitators couldn’t provide the kind of services requested, the patients understood something was going wrong with them. With thorough research on the internet, they discerned that we were altogether a different service. Soon they reached us, and we with our full capacity helped them to get the right medical aid.

Therefore, whenever you aim to hire us, it is crucial you check the logo and the website link. Any of unethical services claiming to be lifesaversambulance can’t possibly provide the quality we offer. Why? Because we have a team of qualified physicians, registered nurses, paramedics and critical care doctors.

Now the question is how you make sure you do not hire such a service. The key here is to enquire and ask the right questions. Do you have certified professionals working for you? Who is present in your medical crew? What are the medical services you can provide onboard? These simple questions can help you in differentiating between the untrained and qualified team!