Responsive Lifesavers ICU Ambulance Team Saved The Lost Life

Recently, Lifesavers ICU ambulance service got a call in which the caller mentioned about the sudden falling down of his mother at his home due to an onset dizziness making her unconscious. As soon as the condition of the 58 year old lady was explained, the Lifesavers ambulance with ventilator and a team of Doctors and EMTs rushed to the provided address. On reaching the location, the doctor found that the patient was in CARDIO-RESPIRATORY arrest. The patient was absolutely still with no movement at all and with no breathing and heart beat. Without wasting a second, immediately the CPR was given to the patient by the team, which continued for 2 minutes. This revived the patient but with the condition of BRADYCARDIA (very low heart beat) and with very low blood pressure. Additionally, the patient was put on the oxygen, injection Atropine was given and injection NORADRENALINE infusion was started. Understanding the severity of the situation, the patient was immediately shifted to the nearby hospital where TPI (Temporary pace maker insertion) happened. After 2 hours, the patient with the TPI was shifted to a higher center for further treatment.

It wouldn't be much to say but on that day if the Lifesavers team hadn't reached the patient's home on time and handled her so well, then the lady patient would have lost her life. Lifesavers team waited outside the primary hospital for 2 hours, where all the process was happening and took the full responsibility of the transportation of the patient from home to the primary center and then further to the higher center.