Rail Ambulance From Noida To Mumbai

Noida Mumbai Train Ambulance 2024-04-02 at 3.24.14 PM

61 years old patient was shifted from Noida to Mumbai by train ambulance. It was the case of GB SYNDROME with paralytic ILEUS. In this condition, the abdomen of the patient got very much distended which lead to the difficulty in breathing. Due to this condition, the patient was on continuous oxygen.

The biggest challenge faced by our team during the transportation was that if the breathing difficulty would have increased, than the patient might have required intubation and ventilator support. In order to avoid any further criticalities, the patient was strictly monitored by our medical team during whole journey. We kept patient NPO (on intravenous fluids) and we used flatus tube(2-3 times) to decrease abdominal distension. The patient was safely shifted to Mumbai in Lifesavers rail ambulance.