Low Cost Pediatric And Neonatal Interfacility Transport

Life Savers Ambulance Service is making all its efforts in saving the new lives. Babies are the most precious creations of God which need to be cared the most. These small lives are most susceptible to diseases and sometimes need to be shifted to other places for emergency medical treatments. This process requires lot of funds usually in lakhs which is out of reach of many parents. Since, every life matters to life savers ambulance service, they have come up with the brilliant idea of transferring the baby via commercial flights. This process includes shifting of the baby in regular pram with ventilator on it via commercial flight on normal economy seat under the observation of doctor and paramedic. This process leads to the reduction of expenses from lakhs to few thousands thus opening ample of opportunities for the parents who cannot afford the expensive shifting processes. Contact us here- 09650960348 | 09891233040 to avail the services.