What to do immediately on seeing a person with a heart attack?

With the rising cases of heart attack these days, it is quite common to encounter someone who may have a heart attack. This situation can make you panic and create an intense atmosphere. However, we can’t ignore that our immediate steps can save one person’s life. It is essential that each of us know how to act in this situation. This can help our family and others too.

So, what to do when you see a person having a heart attack? We will try our best to cover what you must and must not do in this intense situation. Read on!

First of all, you will need to identify the symptoms to act on them as soon as possible. They can be pain in the left side of the chest. Don’t take this as the only symptom because pain can occur in the right chest too. The person may experience GHABRAHAT, nausea, giddiness, and a sense of sinking.

Make space for air and lay the patient down!

When a person is having a heart attack, the person is sure to feel shortness of breath. In this situation, you need to make space for air. Request people around the patient to keep aside and not crowd. This will ease the breathing process for the person with a heart attack. A person experiencing a heart attack should lie down and not be forced or even insist on walking. That can be dangerous.

Loosen the cloth!

As a person with a heart attack may be nausea and experiencing giddiness, try loosening the clothing they are wearing. This can go a long way in making the person feel comfortable and act as per your commands. Soon after this, lift the person’s legs higher.

Call friends/family/doctor

When you see someone in this condition, check if you can catch hold of their family members, friends, or their doctors on call. You will know if they are carrying SOS medicines. This may be of immense help if it is a minor attack, and the medicine could help. Also, the doctor can guide you to the next steps. The doctor may advise keeping Tab Sorbitrate immediately under the tongue. This tablet can be found in most chemist shops.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

Although it is a medical term, it is used quite commonly these days. That’s because it is a life skill that even common men need to learn. This is not just a life skill but a life-saving skill. If you know how to perform CPR, and the person with a heart attack has collapsed, you need to start this immediately. While you are doing so, call for an ambulance service.

Be ready to help a person having a heart attack. This can not only boost your morale but also save a life.