Honoring The Faces Behind Our Success: The ICU Ambulance Drivers 

Life Savers Ambulance Services

The onset of Covid19 not only strained our country’s medical system but also worsened the condition for non-medical professionals who work under its wing. While the efforts of the doctors and paramedics were highly appreciated, the people who worked backstage and made timely treatment possible weren’t showered the spotlight they deserved.

Do you ever think about how a medical emergency vehicle manages to reach your home in time? Although an ambulance is allowed to pass freely on the road and people make way to ensure it gets past as quickly as possible, the commute isn’t always effortless.

An ambulance driver is highly aware of the patient’s critical condition. In fact, they can sense the gloominess inside the vehicle, with paramedics trying their best to keep the patient stable.

A good ambulance driver doesn’t waver at following all the steps to take the patient to the hospital safely. They aren’t just expert drivers, as you would assume. Being one of the first respondents, their duties include carrying the patient inside the vehicle and administrating first aid (though rarely).

So how do our drivers make our emergency ambulance services different?

Let’s get straight into it.

1. Immense Resilience: From gory road accidents to patients suffering severe attacks, the drivers encounter every possible illness and medical condition on duty. The near-death sights they see do not affect the determination they possess to help the patients. The only way they can achieve this is by thinking on their feet.

Being quick and taking the right course of action simultaneously increases the chances of saving a patient’s life. Along with physical strength, they have to display analytical skills as well. Once the patient is on board, it is their responsibility to scour and take the shortest path. GPS isn’t helpful on some occasions; it is their know-how of the local areas that reduce the commute time.

2. Medical Knowledge: Unlike the developed countries where an ambulance driver is a medical emergency technician, entry into the profession has fewer barriers in India. Anyone with a matriculation and a driving license can become an ambulance driver after undertaking ASCS ambulance driver training.

However, at Life Savers, we give you the best. We exercise due diligence before introducing any new drivers to our team. Only people with pristine criminal and driving records are selected. In addition to it, we also provide them basic life support and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. This prepares them for unforeseen times when their help might be needed. Another crucial skill is GPS navigation which our drivers are well-acquainted with.

3. Courage & Altruism: Along with being brisk drivers and calm thinkers, what makes them fit for the job is impeccable courage. They put their life on line to be at the top of their game. As soon as you call an ambulance service, our drivers become fully empowered with the mission to save yet another life. Though they are masters of driving techniques and have spent a considerable amount of time travelling the length and breadth of the city, the high driving speed does risk their life.

They also coordinate with the control room and notify them when the patient will reach so the hospital staff is well prepared. To put other people’s lives before their own require absolute selflessness.

Therefore, they should be rewarded for their humane qualities.


Despite not providing any medical treatment to the patients, the ambulance drivers play a major role in the functioning of the medical sector. It is their resourcefulness and quick thinking that ensures the patients reach the hospital without any delays. We have developed our drivers into knowledgeable individuals by providing them with appropriate training. As a result, along with driving, they can administrate first aid, facilitate the usage of equipment and machines, and lay patients on a stretcher without causing any further damage to their bodies.

You can call us on our emergency ambulance number +91-965-096-0348 or +91-989-123-3040 anytime and avail of our services anytime required.