How Our Friendly Paramedics Make Your Child’s Journey Safe on Emergency Medical Vehicle?

For a grown-up, seeing an ALS ambulance arriving at home can be a sight of relief. Even if they are suffering from a grave illness, at that particular moment, they feel safe as they are confident that the apt treatment will be administered to them. However, for children, especially little kids, seeing an ambulance can be a frightening experience. They are yet to understand the role a medical emergency vehicle plays in offering healthcare. Those who had a bad experience earlier at a hospital or with their pediatrician might not be willing to let anyone operate on them.

Their resistance can make their health condition worse. Therefore, any trick that allows the doctors and paramedics to create an instant emotional connection with the child works wonders during such instances. Along with parents' support and quick analysis, the emergency medical staff can improve the patient's condition before he/ she reaches the hospital.

If you ever had the chance to see a paramedic in action, you already have seen how they work their magic on children, amusing them with quick, entertaining talks and simultaneously tending to them.

So, how do they do that? Want to know our Paramedic's secret?

Our today's blog focuses on the skills that have nothing to do with the long years our professionals spend studying but the ones they inculcate on the field!

Without any further delays, let's dive in!

1. Resilience and Foresightedness: When a paramedic is himself a father, he totally correlates with the parent's anxiety to see the child suffering and the pain the little one undergoes. It makes their job challenging. However, when you look at them, you will never notice the slightest sign of worry on their face. Why? They understand, for the treatment to be successful, the child must not panic. Both the child's and parent's emotional states are tied to them during the crucial moments which form the commute to the hospital. In case either of them loses confidence in the abilities of the medical staff, they might lose the battle before it begins, i.e., at the hospital ward.

No matter how depressing the condition of a child is, the paramedics will always stay calm and composed, although they do notify the parent of the progress or degradation in their child's health.

2. Being Specific: The bodies of children are different from an average adult. As they are in a growing phase, each can have unique medical needs and therefore requires to be treated with varying dosages. On the ride, the doctors use different methods to ensure their little patient intakes the right dose and drug as per the current standards.

3. Use of Positive Distractions: Our doctors are highly aware of the mental stress as well as the physical agony a child suffers during advanced medical care. We want to make his /her journey with us as comfortable as possible. To do so, they often distract children with conversations on their favorite topics, which by the way, aren't limited to their prime-time cartoon shows!

They find plenty of interesting things in their own child's daily routine that surprises our patients and makes them talk. When treating a teenager who is in a comparatively stable condition, our paramedics quickly explain to him/ her the procedure to be conducted. With no doubts and uncertainties in mind, he/she readily cooperate with them. The brief explanation also helps the parents who keenly listen to them and can ask questions at a later stage.

Conclusion: Children opposed to adults, lack the mental resilience it takes to undergo a complicated treatment. Despite that, they can show immense courage if they trust the operating paramedic in an ambulance. The medical staff is well aware of child psychology. This gives them an upper hand while they conduct their duties, taking them to the hospital. Even in the most jarring satiation, they never lose their patience and give their best till the end. Saving the life of the child is their only mission when they are at work. Not even their own emotions can come in their way while they battle with evil forces taking away the vigor from a child’s body.