What are the different instruments used in a critical care private ambulance?

critical care private ambulance

We have heard of intensive care units or ICUs in a hospital. When we say that there are critical care private ambulances or ICU ambulances available for critically ill patients, people have eye-rolling. It is hard for everyone to digest. This blog tries to debunk the perception that ambulances can’t have ICU setups. Also, it will let you know of the instruments that are used inside those ICU ambulances. Continue reading and know about them.

Instruments in a private ambulance

Live-saving tools: It is crucial to be able to save lives or provide life support until the patient in the ambulance reaches the hospital. Therefore, an ICU ambulance is inbuilt with life-saving equipment such as a cardiac monitor, ventilator, blood pressure tools, oxygen tools, syringe pumps, pulse equipment, and so on. Anything that you find in a hospital can be found in such ambulances.

Air or environment control system: There is equipment in place to keep the air conditioning in check. Controlling the temperature within the ambulance is important to keep the patients stable. There is equipment to control the room temperature, control humidification, etc.

Equipment to help diagnosis: Equipment that diagnoses the condition of a patient is also available. These tools may be ECG machines, X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, etc. An ICU ambulance is no less than a mini hospital till the time the patient has reached the required hospital.

Medicinal supplies: Other than the tools mentioned, urgent medicinal supplies are also available along with bandages, splints, glucose, catheters, etc.

Instead of settling for a privately owned vehicle or just any commercial vehicle to transport a critically ill patient, an private ICU ambulance is what one must look for. There may be many available in the area you live in. Contact the best that you know of.