Continuous ICU Support Transport In Novel-COVID19 Scenario

Nothing is hidden to the world and everyone can see the impact of lock down due to spread of Novel-COVID19. People have been locked in their houses and are able to travel inter or intra city only in the case of necessity. People are now aware of the fact that staying at home can keep them safe and are giving their best in fighting the pandemic. But one team which is actively participating in the fight against the pandemic without staying at home is the team of doctors and other medical staff. These are the people who are risking their lives for the sake of other people.

The medical team of Lifesavers Ambulance has also given its maximum contribution in saving the mankind by providing continuous ICU support to the emergency patients and has transported number of patients from one place to another with full ICU Backup and Ventilator.

Here is the image of a patient getting shifted from Delhi to Bareilly in Lifesavers ICU Ambulance.