Book a Charter Flight for Medical Air Transport in Delhi

Air Ambulance Services

For booking a charter flight for medical air transport in Delhi, you have to contact the Medevac manager or the contact person of our team. Charter flights service for medical air transport in Delhi needs the following information about the traveler for sending the quotations-
1. Medical Record of the traveler (both the present and the previous reports)
2. The contact number of the current doctor/ hospital
3. The contact number of the receiving doctor/hospital
4. Information of a special requirement such as medical equipment which is not considered in the basic and advanced life support.
Our medical team offers the quickest bed to bed transfer via the charter flights. Our doctors and dispatched are available for the service 24 X 7.
After having the above information we can send you details of the flight timing and departure location.
The cost of our service depends on a number of factors two of which are –

1. Type of aircraft you prefer
2. The distance between the arrival port and destination
We try to offer the highest quality charter flights for medical air transport in Delhi at a minimum price. We can instantly provide you with the cost of travel at the click of the mouse button. Call us or fill our contact form.